Why I Went To School With My 14 Year Old Son

Here in my state, parents are able to go online and check their child's grades in a system called Home Access Center (HAC).  WHEN (key word) the teachers are compliant, it's a very good tool to stay on top of your child grades.
His face when I told him we're going back to 8th grade with him

WHELP, my son seems to think he's smarter than technology! I really don't understand his rationale behind failing a test and "hiding, losing or destroying" it, as if the grade in the HAC will magically, disappear!  On top of it all, we spend HOURS, I repeat HOURS doing homework and he has SEVERAL ZEROS for not turning it in!  

So next comes trial before jury (ME, I'm the jury).
Me: Javon, why do you have 5 zeros in HAC and the marking period just started?? It hasn't even been  
       5 days in the marking period?

Javon: (About a 5 minute thinking session)

Me: Hello! It's not rocket science answer the question

Javon:  Umm, Uhhh, (another long thought process) I didn't know I had to turn that in!

Me: Really!!!  What about the zero for not filling out your agenda?

Javon: Mine was filled out, except for one thing and my teacher just GAVE me a zero. 

Me: Oh, okay so it seems these teacher are just not communicating with you and it's causing you to FAIL.  To help you solve this problem, Damon will be attending school with you for the day!

Well, I let you guess what reaction we got from a 14 year old!  DRAMA, WHINING, and DISBELIEF!

See what my son fails to realize is, I will go to the end of the earth to make sure he is successful in school. Then, what he NEED TO KNOW (in my mother's voice) is I'm not ABOVE EMBARRASSMENT.

First, let me make it clear, the goal was not to embarrass him, but I would be lying if I said it didn't bring a smile to face knowing it would.  The goal of the visit was to genuinely get a visual of what's going on and how we can better help him, when our eyes are not on him.

So did his step-dad spend the day with him in school YES!
Was he utterly pissed off and embarrassed? YES!
Has his grades since improved? YES!

His grades before and AFTER the visit!

Oh, I told him if I have to go down there, I'm wearing rollers, scarf, housecoat, busted slippers, and no make-up!